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Film Education

For over twenty years our charity has been bringing film to teachers and schoolchildren. We produce BAFTA winning and curriculum-based resources, run cutting-edge teacher training events and each year take over 400,000 schoolchildren to the cinema free of charge in the world’s biggest festival screening programme for young people, National Schools Film Week.

For CREATION we will be providing free-of-charge teaching resources catering to Key Stage 4 & 5 Science, Religious Studies, General Studies and Critical thinking. Resources, including a wallchart for class and staff-rooms can be ordered from


Damaris is an educational charity which helps people to explore spiritual and moral issues in relation to the latest films, music and TV. Damaris is creating a range of resources to help members of faith communities to engage with the issues explored in this film.

These will be published at


To mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘On the Origin of Species’, the BBC is airing a season of landmark TV and radio programmes. Attenborough, Andrew Marr, Armand Leroi and Melyvn Bragg are among the key names who will explore Darwin’s extraordinary life and work.


Darwin200 plans to celebrate the impact that Darwin’s ideas about evolution, as well as his approach to the understanding of the natural world and his outstanding example as a scientist, continue to have on our lives.

Many organisations, large and small, across the UK are planning an incredible variety of events to celebrate the life and legacy of Charles Darwin.

The Darwin 150 Project

The Darwin 150 Project is cheering the 150th Anniversary of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” with a series of free events aimed at the general public and a goal to get the Darwin Facebook Group to 1 million members (250,000 have already joined).

Autumn 2009 plans include reading groups and a free four-part lecture series (phone, in-person, and in most cases, webcast) with some of the preeminent scientists and scholars working today, including Professors Everett Mendelsohn, Sean Carroll, and E.O. Wilson, and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Jonathan Weiner. Register here.

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Creation Martha Background With Wife and Son Background Background 04 Background 05 Fuegans Background